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  • Statistical considerations for successful digital health innovation

Statistical considerations for successful digital health innovation


August 26, 2021

Discussion Topic

Why should you report your modeling plan or statistical analysis plan before seeing any data? Why should we all ditch the term ‘statistical significance’ but keep statistical evidence? And how? A fantastic discussion with Eric Daza, Lead Statistician for Digital Health Outcomes at Evidation Health, as he dives into key themes from his recent pieces: Artifice or intelligence? and Ditch ‘statistical significance’.

Our conversation explored two proposed research changes for our field: 1) Splitting all gathered data into a small number of random subsamples to test reproducibility/replicability of results; 2) For exploratory analyses, continue to report CI’s and p-values—but explicitly state as possible uncertainty to expect using new data.

>>Listen to the recording

>>View the presentation slides

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