DiMe Lightning Speed Crowdsourcing

Quick Facts

What: A quick, community-driven meeting designed for attendees to gather input, seek the wisdom of experts, and create new connections.

Where: The meeting is held online and breakout groups continue in our DiMe Slack.  

When: 30 minutes, once per month.

DiMe lightning roundWhy should you attend?

    • To make connections with fellow experts in our field
    • To learn about and support new digital medicine organizations
    • To drive the development of our field through collaboration and idea sharing
    • To participate in discussions on hot topics in digital medicine
    • To ask pertinent questions

DiMe Lightning Speed Crowdsourcing

The purpose of this quick, community-driven event is to address current challenges faced by our members working to advance digital medicine, seek the wisdom of experts, and foster new collaborations. Each month, three DiMe members will each present a question, their company, or an idea connected to digital medicine. After some brief discussion, these conversations will continue in our Slack workspace, or 1:1 between new connections. If you are interested in being part of these conversations and connecting directly with other experts, register now. 

Do you have a question for our community of experts? To be featured in the next Lightning Speed Crowdsourcing Event, please email catherine@dimesociety.org.

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